User Agreement

This agreement, Skrotkraft User Agreement, and Skrotkraft Privacy Policy available on our website contains the terms and conditions under which ScrapNWaste and Skrotkraft offers you access to Skrotkraft and ScrapNWaste website, services and tools (the "Services"). Our Privacy Policy is a part of this User Agreement. By using the Services, you agree to this User Agreement. You enter into an agreement with Skrotkraft AB (org. 559270-0933), Storgatan 43, 903 26 Umeå, Sweden ("Skrotkraft", "ScrapNWaste" and "we"). ScrapNWaste is not an auctioneer but a marketplace which allows the user to sell and buy items to each other. ScrapNWaste are not entitled to any of the product sold on our website and we do not take part in transactions between sellers and buyers. ScrapNWaste does not review the seller's advertisements or content and can not guarantee that the items on the marketplace meet criterias such as certain quality, legality, items actual existence, or that the seller or buyer can or will complete their purchase. Advice, ideas and statistics that ScrapNWaste gives the user access to are part of the services we offer and can be used as a tool but not seen as an actual fact when used in estimating values for pricing and bidding or item descriptions.

Using the Services from ScrapNWaste and Skrotkraft

When using the Services, you should not:

  • Post ads in incorrect categories.

  • Break or circumvent laws.

  • Violate our User Agreement.

  • Use our services if you can not enter and commit to a binding agreement.

  • Use the Services if you have been previously suspended.

  • Change the description of the ad after the first bid.

  • Refuse to sell an item to the user with the highest bid.

  • Publish offensive content.

  • Publish incorrect or misleading content.

  • Intentionally try to increase bidding by creating several accounts yourself or in some way use other accounts that place bids where the goal is not to complete the deal but for the purpose of increasing the valuation.

  • Allow others, outside the company or private consumer to use your account.

  • Use contact information available on the system to sell / distribute to other companies, or in any other way.

  • Publish or send viruses or similar features that harm users, the system or ScrapNWaste.

  • Use automation such as robots or spiders or similar.

  • Copy, modify or translate content linked in, to or from ScrapNWaste.

  • Without consent collect information about users such as name, telephone number and e-mail or other information.

If you register as a company or public sector, you must have the authority to represent and bind the company or the public sector you are representing to this User Agreement.
We reserve the right to refuse an application to a user or to suspend an account that has not been used in the last 12 months. You can withdraw your consent to this User Agreement whenever you want by deleting your account or by contacting customer support.


You can delete your account when you want to close your account with ScrapNWaste by logging in to your account. Before the account can be deleted, your ongoing ads and any purchases must be completed. Once your account is deleted, you will not be able to create ads, buy or place bids. You can create a new account at any time.

We can terminate our Services and User Accounts at any time or prohibit access to our Services, end advertisements, modify or delete content contained on the Website. We can also reduce or increase the costs for our services, memberships and tools on the website
We may take legal action to prevent a user, private consumer or a representative of a company from using our Services if:

  • There are risks of liability for damages

  • You offend or harass our employees

  • Refrains from paying the fees for used Services that we offer on the due date.


If a company user gets restricted, this will be notified by e-mail to the main user of the company who will then receive an explanation of why and at what time the restriction applies.
ScrapNWaste is not obligated to provide a reason why the Services against an account have been suspended or restricted.


In addition to what is stated under General, we may, without obligation to refund, terminate the Services we offer you if we believe that you will violate or are violating these terms of use or the terms of the payment solution.
ScrapNWaste has the right to access information from you in order to determine whether you are violating the User Agreement.


When you create an ad/item on the site, you accept the User Agreement and you are responsible for the content of the ad and that it is not illegal. You also agree that the information you have selected for the ad is correct.

Payment to seller

ScrapNWaste offers the seller to define their payment terms. Should there be any questions regarding the payment to the seller, the buyer needs to talk to the seller to clarify the requirements. ScrapNWaste is not responsible for the payment terms or any transactions followed by the buyer or seller.


When you place a bid, win or are about to buy an item directly, you accept the User Agreement and that you undertake to buy the item for the placed bid and also pay the Service for winning bids to ScrapNWaste. You are also responsible for reading the entire ad/item before you start to bid. You also agree to arrange the transport/shipping that the seller recommended or otherwise be responsible for the transport/shipping of the item.


We want to maintain high level of security and keep our Services available at all times, however, this can not be guaranteed. Times when the page goes down can happen and is then out of ScrapNWaste control.
You agree that you are fully responsible for ensuring that what you do with our system and Services is legal and that all laws and regulations are followed in the country/countries where you sell and buy.
We shall not be liable for indirect damages, losses, loss of business, lost reputation or other unpredictable damages caused while using the system as there may be delays in bidding.
ScrapNWaste approves new registered users, ScrapNWaste cannot guarantee that the members information is accurate.
Countries have different laws and regulations about what can be sold and how it should be documented. The buyer and seller are responsible for ensuring that laws and regulations are complied with for sale, purchase and shipping.
ScrapNWaste can make it possible to quickly translate your ad through a third party that allows an ad to be presented in multiple languages. ScrapNWaste can not guarantee that the translations will be correct.

User content

ScrapNWaste may use any content you provide for commercial use, while we are not obligated to use it.
You warrant that you own the rights to the content created and / or posted on the Website.
You hereby grant ScrapNWaste an unlimited, non-exclusive, irrevocable, global, perpetual, free right to use, copy, format, modify, process, translate and make available to the public regardless of media channel. ScrapNWaste allows users to rate each other and these can be freely accessed via ScrapNWaste's various systems.
ScrapNWaste sharing of personal information is stated in the Privacy Policy


The fees we have for all our Services are stated both at registration and on the user's account in settings. We may change our fees and will then update our prices on the ScrapNWaste website. We will then send out information 30 days before the price change. When continuing to use our Services you agree to these changes, otherwise you can delete your account through accessing your account or by contacting the customer support to delete your account.

Payment solution

We use Stripe as our payment solution. You can read more about Stripe here.

When using our Services you:

  • give permission for us to initiate a payment or series of payments on your behalf.

  • accept payment once a month with 20 days payment terms

  • accept direct payment terms when above stated payment terms are not applicable such as when closing your account or making a one time payment

  • agree to all costs determined in your user settings and according to the marketplace price list.

London Metal Exchange, LME

Current data retrieved from LME concerns the areas on the website where it is clearly stated that the data is retrieved from LME.
The Data and Trademarks are used under licence from LME.
LME has no involvement and accepts no responsibility to any third party in connection with the use of the Data and Trademarks.
Onward distribution of the Data and Trademarks by third parties is not permitted.
The users is required to contact LME and apply for a LME licence when their use of data requires to do so (for example creation of derived data, use of the data as a reference price in transactions, for external valuation and pricing activities etc).


You shall fully reimburse us for all losses and costs, which also includes costs for legal assistance, which has arised by misuse and harmful use of the marketplace ScrapNWaste and its aims and purposes. Full reimbursement for all losses and costs, including costs for legal assistance, caused by users violating this User Agreement or the Privacy Policy.


If a dispute arises between you and ScrapNWaste, the best is to get in contact with us using the contact form to get in touch with customer service. We will try to resolve the dispute through mediation or arbitration.


Should anything in this User Agreement not be valid, that part is considered deleted but other provisions continue to apply


All headings in this User Agreement are for the purpose of simplifying the structure of the document only and shall not affect or limit the content of the respective provision.

Changes in the Agreement

We have the right to change this User Agreement at any time by publishing the new terms on the website or sending it by e-mail. The new agreement will take effect within 30 days of being announced.

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