About us

A global database for the scrap, waste and recycling industry. Recyclingcluster connects buyers, sellers, machine retailers, transport and shipping companies and businesses in construction, infrastructure, demolition and other involved industries. We aim to make the scrap, waste and recycling industry more efficient and easier to navigate.

What makes us unique

We provide access to the largest maintained database of recycling companies. Together, we can create an up-to-date recycling cluster where you can find new business partners. This is the place where you can extend both your national and global networking, and get new tools and ways to support your business.

Who we are

Recyclingcluster.com was founded in 2020 as a way to connect the scrap and waste industry online. Our team consists of experts from the recycling industry as well as the IT industry. We launched our site in January 2021 in order to help businesses find each other and recycling opportunities. Our mission is to make recycling easier and more efficient for everyone involved. We are constantly expanding our services and working hard to improve the experience for our users. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!

Who is listed on Recyclingcluster

Our listing consists of small, medium and large companies from all around the world that are involved in the recycling industry. This includes scrap material buyers and sellers, waste recycling companies, shipping and transportation providers, machine retailers, and companies from construction, manufacturing, infrastructure, demolition and other industries. We welcome anyone who is involved in the global waste and recycling industry to list their company on Recyclingcluster and join our community.

Together, we can create the most up-to-date and active recyclingcluster, which is powerful, fair, and built on trust for everyone in the business. Join us today!

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