10 Categories for Recycling Materials You Need to Know

Recyclingcluster is a global resource for buyers and sellers of recycled goods and materials. As more and more people become aware of the importance of recycling, the demand for upcycling materials has skyrocketed. To make it easier to find and connect with recycling companies, recyclingcluster offers a platform to post, discover, and promote listings within 10 categorical industries.

  1. Metal: Metal recycling is an important step in preserving natural resources. Companies specializing in metal recycling can connect with buyers in need of any type of scrap metal or non-ferrous metal, such as copper, aluminum, brass, and bronze.

  2. Waste paper: Waste paper is one of the most widely recycled materials. Connect with companies who have the capacity to recycle old newspapers, corrugated containers and other paper products in an environmentally friendly way.

  3. Electronics: Electronics recycling is an important contribution to sustainability. Companies specializing in electronics recycling can offer buyers access to old equipment, as well as e-waste collection, electronics testing, refurbishment, and disposal services.

  4. Recycling services: Recycling servicesconnect buyers with companies that have the ability to manage and coordinate recycling activities on their behalf. This can include waste auditing, materials handling, and transportation of recycled materials.

  5. Plastic: Plastic recycling involves the process of turning plastic into new materials and products. Companies specializing in plastic recycling can connect buyers and sellers for plastic products of all shapes and sizes.

  6. Waste equipment: Waste equipment is a huge industry, and companies specializing in waste equipment can connect buyers with the machinery and equipment needed to manage their waste consumption.

  7. Precious metals: Precious metals are an important resource for recycling. Companies specializing in the recovery of precious metals can help buyers access gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and more.

  8. Slag, ashes & residues: Slag, ashes, and residues are the leftovers of industrial processes. Companies specializing in recycling in these materials can offer buyers access to recycled products or the materials themselves.

  9. Cable drums & pallets: Cable drums and pallets are highly recycled materials. Companies specializing in cable drums and pallets can connect buyers with sources of recycled versions, as well as customized designs for special projects.

  10. Used furniture & fixtures: Used furniture and fixtures are common items to be recycled for a variety of uses. Companies specializing in the reuse and recycling of furniture and fixtures can connect buyers with the right sources.

Recyclingcluster offers a platform for companies in any and all of the above categories to post their listings and get connected with potential buyers. By taking advantage of these categories, buyers and sellers can both benefit from the opportunity to meet their recycling needs.

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