Metal Recycling in the 21st Century

Recycling is an important part of keeping our planet healthy, and the metal industry is a major part of this effort. There is a steady increase of metal recycled and in order to facilitate this process, metals are often sorted and classified according to their recycling potential.

At Recyclingcluster, we have seen a steady growth in our Metal Category traffic for the past few years. In 2022, the traffic has seen an exponential growth of an estimated 400%. This increase in traffic has helped many users in the recycling industry to easily find new business partners. For instance, businesses that buy used metal items can quickly locate and contact a reliable source of raw materials.

To track the growth of our metal category, we have monitored the incoming traffic from both organic and paid sources. From our analysis, approximately 80% of the traffic comes from organic search and the remaining 20% is from advertisement campaigns. Additionally, our analysis has also identified that the increase in traffic is due to the substantial growth of targeted keyword rankings in organic search.

Overall, with the high levels of traffic in the metal category, it has been incredibly beneficial to our users in the recycling industry. Not only can businesses find new business partners but it has also enabled them to access a higher quality and more reliable supply of raw materials. This proves that the metal industry is an essential part of the recycling process and that we are playing an importantrole in providing its users with an efficient and easy way to find new business partners and increase their opportunities.

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